Mission Statement

The Board reaffirmed a fundamental premise of NYAMA's mission: airports are the centerpiece of aviation services and businesses, and the Association's primary focus is on sustaining the viability of the state's airports. If that job is done well, a wide range of benefits will accrue to the state in the form of air service, employment, economic development, and government revenues. The mission statement was updated to incorporate this premise and reflect the interrelationship of viable airports, economic vitality, and community benefit:

NYAMA’s mission is to promote the viability and business interests of New York State’s airports, which are the centerpiece of aviation services and drivers of economic development.  Through advocacy, education, communications, business services and promoting the advancing of all underrepresented communities throughout New York State aviation, NYAMA supports New York’s airport and the businesses and communities that rely upon them. 

Vision of NYAMA's Future

NYAMA is a leadership organization in aviation, both in New York State and nationally. It is recognized by public officials as well as aviation interests as the leader and the voice of airports and aviation in New York. NYAMA is a strong and effective advocate for airports, which helps them deliver major positive economic impact by bringing air service, jobs and tax revenues to the state and its communities. NYAMA is an adept communicator with both internal and external audiences, and it uses this skill to achieve advocacy goals and provide valuable member services. NYAMA is committed to education as a means of strengthening airports and the aviation industry and informing the public about aviation's contribution to community vitality and economic growth. NYAMA has a broad and strong membership that contributes to its reputation and its financial strength.

Strategic Plan