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New York Aviation Management Association Releases Statement Regarding Proposed Expansion of Ride-Sharing Companies

As the leading advocate for a strong aviation industry in New York, NYAMA recognizes that airports and the businesses and communities that rely on them must provide their customers with safe, secure and efficient facilities that provide the highest levels of service.

Recent reports of a proposal to expand operations of ride-sharing companies in the state could create considerable benefits for the tens of millions of passengers who use our airports every year.

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NYAMA Urges State and Local Governments to Work Cautiously and Cooperatively with the FAA on Drone Regulation

Albany, NY, September 15, 2016 – Emphasizing the importance of emerging drone technology to New York’s aviation industry and the state’s overall economic health, the Board of Directors of the New York Aviation Management Association (NYAMA) today urged governments to exercise caution and work cooperatively with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on the regulation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), often referred to as drones.  

“UAVs are here to stay, and NYAMA is committed to ensuring this technology and its practically limitless applications across many disciplines are safely integrated into the airspace system,” outgoing NYAMA President Jeremy P. Martelle and incoming NYAMA President John DelBalso said in a joint statement as NYAMA launched its 40th Annual Fall Conference in Long Island.  

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NYS Senate and Assembly Commemorate NYAMA's 40th Anniversary

On March 16, 2016 NYAMA members converged on the NYS Capitol to meet with State legislative leaders about the importance of maintaining a strong aviation industry and to highlight its ties to New York’s prosperity during it's 2016 Advocacy Day. NYAMA was recognized by both the Senate and Assembly for its role in advancing aviation in New York State and presented with resolutions commemorating it's 40th Anniversary.

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It's Official -- Governor Signs AJA into Law

It's an historic occasion for the aviation industry in New York! Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the New York Aviation Jobs Act (AJA) into law. Chapter 50 of the Laws of 2015 was signed on Monday. April 13, 2015. The tax exemption will serve as a vital economic development tool that will put New York on par with other states and will benefit the entire state by attracting more taxable aviation-related activities to our state.

The AJA passage is a culmination of many years of effort by NYAMA and we extend thanks to all involved, both past and present. Thank you to the Aviation Caucus, led by Caucus Chairs NY Senator Phil Boyle and NY Assemblymember Donna Lupardo. Additional thanks to NY Senator William Larkin for his work as the former Aviation Caucus Co-Chair.

Additional thanks to the many NYAMA members have worked tirelessly on this effort, including all who wrote letters, met with elected officials, developed partnerships and participated in Advocacy Days throughout the last 10 years.

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Advocacy Day 2015

Members of the New York Aviation Management Association (NYAMA) converged in Albany on March 10 and 11 to meet with State legislative leaders about the importance of maintaining a strong aviation industry and to highlight its ties to New York’s prosperity.

The aviation industry is an important economic driver in New York State, contributing over $50 billion in economic activity, employing more than $394,500 state residents, generating $18 billion in payroll and $4.5 billion in state and local tax revenue annually.

NYAMA advocated on several different legislative items, including an increase in dedicated aviation funding in the State Budget. The funding is critical to meet the modernization and business development needs of airport communities and to compensate for flat funding in prior years.

Additionally, the aviation leaders sought support of the Aviation Jobs Act (AJA), a bill to align NY State aviation tax policy with that of surrounding states. Since 2002, New York has lost nearly 700 based aircraft due in large part to more favorable tax treatment and aggressive marketing and airport-development strategies undertaken by other states in our region.

NYAMA members were armed with facts and statistics to back their case. According to one State Department of Transportation study, attracting more business aircraft to airports is key to increasing airport revenues and generating jobs. The study further finds that, on average, each business jet contributes five on-airport jobs and $1 million in annual economic activity.

NYAMA made tremendous progress during their Advocacy Day efforts and met with over 80 legislators. Many legislators were receptive to the proposals and several joined the Legislative Aviation Caucus.

NYAMA President Provides Testimony on Airport Investment, Budget

NYAMA President Michael Giardino testified before the Joint Legislative Fiscal Committees on Thursday, January 29 concerning the importance of state-wide airport investment and the development of a 5-Year Capital Plan. Citing a 2010 New York State Department of Transportation Economic Impact Study, Mr. Giardino described the numerous benefits the state enjoys thanks to a strong aviation industry.

To support the aviation industry in the coming year and beyond, Mr. Giardino requested the following from the committee as they consider this year's budget and develop a new Transportation Capital Plan:

Investment in All New York Airports in the spirit of recent modernization efforts for downstate airports;
Airport Captial Improvement Program funding of $200 million ($40 million per year for five years);
Full funding ($8 million per year) for the state match of available federal funding for the FAA Airport Improvement Program.

Text of the full testimony is available here.

Video of Mr. Giardino's testimony can be viewed here.